To achieve this purpose Directorate of Housing was tasked to conceptualize the project of Fazaia Housing Scheme Rawalpindi in 1989. Soon after the launch of Rawalpindi Housing Project, Fazaia Tarnol was also launched in the same year. Both the schemes were looked after by Directorate of Housing till it was envisaged that separate governing body is needed to expand the projects. With this vision in sight, Directorate of Estate Projects was established in 1996. The journey started with the development of Tarnol and Rawalpindi Projects. The entwining road of this journey had many twists and turns. Today, Fazaia Rawalpindi marks the success of the hard work put in by the officers and staff of this Directorate. As for now, 90% of the society has constructed houses and has gained a reputable value in the contemporary estate word.

S No Name Date
1Air Cdre Azmat UllahJul’ 98 – Dec’ 99
2Air Cdre Gulzar Ali KhanDec’ 99 – Oct’ 01
3Air Cdre Zahid Akhtar LodhiOct’ 01 – Jan’ 04
4Air Cdre Anwarul HaqJan’ 04 – Jan’ 06
5Air Cdre Shahid jamil HashmiJan’ 06 – Mar’ 06
6Air Cdre Muhammad ArshadMar’ 06 – Feb’ 09
7Air Cdre Muhammad TariqFeb’ 09 – Oct’ 09
8Air Cdre Sajid RazaOct’ 09 – Jul’ 13
9Air Cdre Ghulam Qadir LodhiJul’ 13 – Jan’ 15
10Air Cdre Shaukat ZamanJan’ 15 – Jan’ 17
11Air Cdre Syed AbdullahJan’ 17 - Jul’ 21
12Air Cdre Azeem NathanielJul’ 21